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Flashpoint Rapid 600 Review


Flashpoint Rapid 600 Review Summary I’ve been using the Flashpoint Rapid 600 studio strobe consistently for about two months now. I’ve found it to be terrific in every way. When you consider the price, under $500, this light is shockingly good. Build Quality The build quality of the Flashpoint Rapid [...]

Built-in receiver for DigiBee


Homebrew built-in receiver for Digibees and Einsteins I'm constantly looking for ways to streamline my on-location setup and tear down process. When I'm working in the field I'll often use my Digibees from Paul Buff.  Great lights but I really wanted to figure out a way I could avoid [...]

How to fix a loose light stand


How to fix a loose light stand Good light stands are great.  And nothing is as aggravating as a cheap light stand. Since I'm not in the habit of heeding my own advice,  I recently purchased several collapsible light stands.  They were cheap.  Not scary cheap, but cheap enough [...]

Using the new Paul Buff Digibees for video


Paul Buff Digibee for video & mini-review I've been using 3 of Paul C Buff's new DigiBee strobes for the last couple of months.  This won't be an extensive review -- there are plenty of other great reviews out there.  Instead I wanted to give some quick impressions and then [...]

Best photo printing services


Best photo printing services During the holidays I'm often asked what the best photo printing services are.  People are getting photo cards and other photo-based gifts printed. Here's my personal experience and recommendations for your family Christmas cards or other photo gifts.  (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by or affiliated [...]

Phottix Indra360 – Review and Field Test


Phottix Indra360 Review and Field Test Intro and SummaryI really wanted to like the Phottix Indra360. (After all, I forked over $1k of my hard earned money for it.) And I do like it. Phottix got almost everything right. There is SO much to like about this strobe.The Indra360 fits perfectly [...]