Homebrew built-in receiver for Digibees and Einsteins

I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline my on-location setup and tear down process.

When I’m working in the field I’ll often use my Digibees from Paul Buff.  Great lights but I really wanted to figure out a way I could avoid having to install and then remove the wireless triggers for every shoot.  It may seem like a small thing but when you’re in the field, seconds often matter and you want as few pieces and parts as possible.  The way the triggers are designed they stick up to far and can get bent or damaged in transport if they’re left in.

I started poking around on the internet for ideas and playing with design options.

I considered seeing if they would fit inside the case of the light. I started to take one of my lights apart. But then I got scared that my little expedition might damage it.  I put the screws back in and decided to focus on external mounting solutions.

I measured the pins on the CyberSync receivers and found that they are .1″ apart which happens to be a fairly common  size.  Jackpot.  That meant I had a wide array of adapters and parts with which to build my adapter.  Here’s what I came up with:

Digibee Receiver

I got 10 of these for $3 from eBay. They came with straight pins and then I used a vise to clamp the pins of a second adapter and put the right angle bend in it.  Plugged in together gave me this:

Digibee Receiver

Then I could do this:

Digibee Receiver

That black wedge is a piece of wood I cut to provide support and a platform to tape the receiver to.  I could have bent the pins so that the receiver would go all the way to the case but then the antenna on the receiver would be blocking the tabs for the speedring mounts. Here’s another angle:

Digibee Receiver

I put some Gorilla tape on the backside of the pins just to make sure nothing snagged them.  The wedge and the transmitter are both secured using 3M’s extreme strength double sided tape.  It has a thin foam middle which provides some shock relief.

Who knows how well this will hold up.  I had a shoot yesterday and everything worked flawlessly and I enjoyed skipping this part of my set up routine. Hopefully everything will stay intact.


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